About Us

Welcome! On this page, you’ll learn a little bit about who we are and how we got here.

CF Industries was started in 2015 by long-time friends George Coleman and Tyler Frank. Having both grown up in Quesnel, they wanted nothing more than to put down roots and serve the community that they’ve been a part of for their entire lives. Business partners since 2015, they’ve learned and grown so much in the last 6 years and hope to continue to provide top quality service to our community.

Our current team is made up of community-focused individuals who are dedicated to bringing high-quality customer service to the residents of Quesnel and its surrounding area. We are proud to be committed to providing a safety-driven work environment for our employees as well as our customers. We take continued education seriously and are committed to keeping our employees up-to-date with the ever-changing technology in the automotive industry in order to efficiently and effectively solve all of your vehicle problems.

You can read more about our team members below!


George Coleman


George is a coffee addict first, and mechanic second! We’re pretty sure he’s never heard of a to-go cup, and we guarantee you’ve seen him around town carrying one of his signature CF mugs, no lid—no problem!

Behind his extremely professional demeanor, George is a highly experienced dual trade mechanic. He holds his Red Seal Tickets in automotive, heavy-duty On-Road, and heavy-duty Off-Road, as well as certification to conduct vehicle inspections. He started out locally before moving to Alberta where his career took off. Once he attained his journeyman tickets, George ran a large service shop for Strike Energy where he was responsible for maintaining a large fleet of both diesel and gas trucks on top of a variety of heavy-duty equipment. George is exceptionally experienced with diesel engines and has a keen sense for diagnostics. He’s highly-qualified, highly-caffeinated, and here to solve all your vehicular woes!

Tyler Frank


Tyler was born and raised here in the Quesnel area has become an exceedingly well established and recognized welder in town, excelling in his trade for over 15 years. He holds his B ticket with a Red Seal, PWT 10, and PWT 7 pressure tickets. He’s highly experienced with all types of metal fabricating, working from his mobile welding truck, as well as on site. 

When he’s not stealing all the sharpies from the office, or pointing Levi in the right direction for the thousandth time, he can be spotted tinkering in the back shop, coming up with new metal art designs with our CNC Plasma Cutter that’ll blow your dang socks off! Tyler is never not working, never not spark watching, and loves the Quesnel community! He looks forward to growing here long term.


Ben Walker

Heavy Duty Mechanic

Ben is extremely open about the 3 reasons he took this job: Location location location. We’re mostly kidding, but he does live around the corner, so that’s suspicious. We have reason to believe he’s also here to raise money so he can afford to buy more Volvos and still ski on the weekends. Priorities, right? Jokes aside, Ben has been an incredible asset to CF since he started, so we think we’ll keep him!

Christy Williams

Office Manager

Christy is the glue that holds us all together around here! She answers phones, orders parts, sends invoices, and herds mechanics (which is a lot like herding cats), all while defying gravity with her 10-inch eyelash extensions. She has a full tank of sass and an empty tank of give-a-damns, and we wouldn’t want her any other way!

Gage McLennan

Automotive Apprentice

Gage is a man of few words, and even less attitude. We give this kid a job, and he just does it. No questions asked. We plucked him from Kersley at a young age and he has quickly become George’s prodigal automotive son. We’ve never seen his hands clean in our entire lives, but under all the dirt he’s always working hard with a smile on his face.

Levi Koning

Welding Apprentice

If Gage is George’s prodigal son, Levi is Tyler’s. He’s one of the youngest around here but by far the tallest, which let us tell you, comes in handy! He’s been working hard with Tyler to perfect his welding skillzzz and by the looks of the cool stuff they’ve been making out there in the back shop, he’s well on his way to being irreplaceable! 

Zander Ferris

Heavy Duty Apprentice

Zander is an aspiring heavy duty mechanic and we’re pretty sure he’s just here because we won’t let him go. He’s been described as “annoyingly normal and nice.” because he literally never complains. We asked him what he does in his spare time and he simply said “I work”… #CantRelate. Since he started with CF, the shop’s never been cleaner and the staff has never been happier. 


Mascot & Dog-Model Extraordinaire